Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes
Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes
Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes
Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes
Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes
Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes

Tourer T20 Night Vision RifleScopes


The RIX Optics T20 Day & Night Vision Riflescope sets a new standard for versatility and resilience in the field of outdoor optics. Engineered to excel in diverse hunting scenarios, from the humid terrains by the Mississippi River to the frosty heights of the Rocky Mountains, the T20 is your all-in-one solution for day and night hunting across any landscape. Its robust build negates the need for multiple scopes for different firearms or varying environmental conditions, simplifying your hunting gear without compromising performance.

Featuring advanced display and night vision technology, the T20 is outfitted with a potent 5W 940NM IP illuminator, ensuring crisp, clear images and video capture even in the most unforgiving conditions. This makes the T20 an ideal companion for hunting, surveillance, and wildlife photography, offering unparalleled clarity and detail in low-light situations.

With an impressive IP68 rating, the T20 is fully water-resistant, capable of withstanding immersion in fresh water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes, and is completely dust-proof. This level of protection, coupled with its ability to absorb impacts up to 1500g, ensures the T20 is ready for action on any firearm, providing durability and reliability that hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals can rely on. RIX Optics' commitment to quality means the T20 is designed for endurance, allowing you to focus on the adventure at hand without concern for your equipment.


Specification Details
Model T20
Sensor Resolution 1920x1080 pixels
Pixel Pitch 2.9 μm
Objective Lens 50mm; F1.4
Field of View 4.8° / 8.4 yd at 100 yd
Optical Zoom 3.5 to 14.0x
Digital Zoom 1 to 4x
Eye Relief 50 mm
Diopter Adjustment -5 to +5 D
Detection Range 274 m / 300 yd
Display Type OLED
Display Resolution 1024x768 pixels
Wi-Fi / APP Support (RIX+)
Video Recorder Support Support
Memory Capacity 4 to 256 GB
Protection Degree IP68
Operating Temperature -4 to +122°F
Weight 2.09 lb
Dimensions 15.3×3.2×2.8 inches
Body Material Aluminum
Battery Type Built-in battery pack
Max. Operating Time 14 hours (at 72°F)
External Power Supply 5V (Type C USB)
Max Recoil Power 1500g / 9000 Joules
Aim Point 0.28 (3.2in@100yd)
Compatible Mounts 30mm rings
IR Illuminator Wavelength 850 / 940 nm
IR Power 5 W

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the T20 model's key features and specifications, highlighting its sensor and optical capabilities, display and recording features, physical attributes, and compatibility options.